A new safety pen needle provides health care professionals, caregivers, and patients who are self- injecting with protection from accidental needlestick injuries, while ensuring the full dose is delivered, according to manufacturer Owen Mumford.

Passive safety needle pens have been reported to make it difficult to deliver a consistent standard of care. According to the company’s press release, hidden needle and premature activation are a common concern among health care professionals. A study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection found that professionals using injection pens had a higher rate of needlestick injuries than other professionals who gave injections.

Owen Mumford’s Unifine® SafeControl® safety pen needle is designed to prevent accidental needlestick injuries and provides users with confidence that the whole dose was delivered. It is available in 5mm 30G and 8mm 30G sizes.

The pen uses a push tab that provides 1-handed control of the safety mechanism after in injection. The pen also uses visual and audible confirmation, according to the press release. Duel protection is on both ends of the needle.

“We’ve had conversations with hundreds of health care professionals using first generation safety pen needles, to understand common injection processes and product improvement opportunities, this feedback we incorporated into our latest innovation. Overwhelmingly, they reported that Unifine SafeControl was safe, easy to use, and provided user control,” said Travis Shaw, executive vice president, Owen Mumford, in a press release.

Unifine SafeControl safety pen needle samples are available through Owen Mumford.


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