Midwestern University Announces Creation of Pharmacometrics Center

JANUARY 11, 2019
In response to a growing demand for personalized medicine, the Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy earlier this week announced the establishment of a Pharmacometrics Center of Excellence on the school’s Downers Grove Campus.

As an institution dedicated to pharmacometrics—the quantitative study of medication effects on both humans and animals—the Pharmacometrics Center of Excellence at Midwestern University will focus on personalized and precision medication approaches while designing strategies to optimize medication efficacy and safety of medications, according to a press release.

The creation of the Center is part of an effort to research and develop therapies that are tailored to individual patients, the press release notes. The Center’s mission is also aligned with the FDA’s recent initiative to move away from “one size fits all” approaches to medication and towards customized treatments.

The Pharmacometrics Center of Excellence will be staffed by expert faculty from the Chicago School of Pharmacy, who will utilize the Center’s laboratories and facilities to conduct preclinical studies, assist with drug development, build computer modeling, and optimize clinical trials. The Center will also provide advanced pharmacometric education to interested pharmacy students.

“I am very fortunate to work with such a scientifically accomplished and diverse team of scientists and clinicians,” said Marc H. Scheetz, PharmD, the director of the Pharmacometrics Center of Excellence and a professor at the Chicago College of Pharmacy, in a statement. “Our team will certainly make therapies of the future safer and more effective.”

Additional information on the about the Center can be found at midwestern.edu/PCE.


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