Jonathan Ogurchak, PharmD, CSP, sits down with Specialty Pharmacy Times to discuss how Specialty Pharmacists can drive the data standardization conversation during the NASP Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

JO: Yeah, specialty pharmacies can actually help to drive that conversation a lot of times because they know what they can and can’t capture. And they know what’s realistic to capture based on their experience in working with patients and that the challenge then becomes inter-pharmacy variability. If you have one pharmacy that has a capability and another one doesn’t, are you disincentivizing one pharmacy because they can’t do those sorts of things. So, if you have the ability to capture it, that’s great, and I think that that’s where there is a little more of a push now to standardize certain data elements, because if you can capture the how and the why that need to be captured then it becomes a requirement across pharmacies from that regard.