CVS Pharmacist Charged with Using Stolen Pills in the Pharmacy

AUGUST 08, 2016
Katie Eder, Director of Content
A jailed pharmacist in Georgia is awaiting bond on charges for stealing pills from CVS pharmacy and using them in the store.

Tiffany Quick, 33, is charged with 12 counts of possession of drugs in the theft of oxycodone, morphine, Dilaudid, Adderall, and other narcotics from a CVS pharmacy in Brunswick, Georgia.

Source: Florida Times-Union

The pharmacy realized that the drugs were missing when a new pharmacist who started working there in early July discovered that 2 bottles intended to contain more than 1000 pills were completely empty, local police officer Shawn Ferguson testified. The new pharmacist then determined that the amount of drugs on hand didn’t match the amount indicated in inventory.

According to CVS, more than 3000 pills worth about $5456 were missing in total. Store surveillance footage showed Quick stealing pills and then ingesting and injecting them at the pharmacy, Ferguson testified. He told the court there was no evidence of Quick selling the stolen drugs.

Glynn County Chief Magistrate Timothy Barton said he would be willing to set bail for Quick, but not until he’s assured that she’ll enroll in a long-term drug treatment program.
“I’m not going to turn her lose and let this thing turn on me,” he said.
Quick’s lawyer and prosecutor Liberty Stewart said they’re working to find a treatment facility suitable for her.