Americans Increasingly Plan to Receive Flu Vaccinations

AUGUST 21, 2017
Jennifer Barrett, Assistant Editor
As flu vaccinations become available, the results of a recent survey suggest Americans are increasingly likely to receive their flu vaccination this year.

According to CVS Health’s annual flu survey, nearly two-thirds of Americans reported that they either receive a flu vaccine each year or are planning to receive one this year. The results demonstrate a 2% increase from last year’s survey findings. Sixty-seven percent of these individuals reported getting the flu vaccine because they believe it’s the best way to prevent themselves from getting sick.

The survey, conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of CVS Pharmacy, included over 2000 US adults aged 18 years and older.

Nearly 65% of employed respondents also indicated that they would still go to work even if they had flu-like symptoms.

Of those who have never received a flu vaccine, 44% reported that they most often get the vaccine from a primary care provider or other health care professional, whereas 22% most often receive it from a local pharmacy or drugstore. Despite this, there has been a 7% increase in employed individuals who receive their vaccine most often at their workplace.

Regarding the demographic of flu vaccine receivers, women are 12% more likely than men to get vaccinated from their primary care physician or other health care professional. Additionally, 76% of individuals aged 65 years and older get vaccinated every year and/or plan on getting vaccinated this year.

Most individuals opt to receive their flu vaccinations during the fall months, with October (36%) being the most popular month.

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