Value of a Pharmacist: Student View With Michael Forst

2020-10-07 18:20:00
Tags: thankapharmacist,apharmacistis,student voices,student cafe,university of illinois,chicago,college of pharmacy

Throughout October, Pharmacy TimesTM is celebrating American Pharmacists Month with our #ThankAPharmacist campaign. In this video, Michael Forst, 2022 PharmD candidate, discusses his view of the value of a pharmacist. Michael is a student at the University of Illinois (UIC) at Chicago College of Pharmacy, where he is president of the UIC chapter of the Illinois Council of Health-Systems Pharmacists, president of the Class of 2022, and member of the Pharmacy Student Council; and has served as an inpatient pharmacy intern at Rush University Medical Center.

Michael Forst: [Within the hospital setting], pharmacists have been known for reading clinical trials and understanding different guidelines and being that first person to make that recommendation of what medication class is helpful to that patient.

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