Value of a Pharmacist: Student View With Amy Kallo

2020-10-08 18:00:00
Tags: thankapharmacist,american pharmacists month,student voices,student cafe,midwestern university,chicago college of pharmacy

Throughout October, Pharmacy TimesTM is celebrating American Pharmacists Month with our #ThankAPharmacist campaign. In this video, Amy Kallo, 2023 PharmD candidate, discusses her view of the value of a pharmacist. Amy is a student at Midwestern University, Chicago College of Pharmacy, a pharmacy intern for CVS, and is working for the inpatient pharmacy department at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Amy Kallo: Having the compassion and the empathy to deal with the patients [who need an explanation or have questions], to actually take care of them during their 2-minute visit to the pharmacy will then allow them to have a positive outlook on the rest of the day, and a positive outlook the next time they're stepping into that pharmacy. 

This is a partial transcript. View the video for the full statement.