Understanding the End Goal of the Patient Journey

2020-05-20 14:30:00
Tags: asembia,asembia2020

Gregory Leighton, RPh, vice president of clinical solutions and patient access for Asembia, discusses considerations for reaching the end goal of a patient’s journey with specialty pharmacy.

Gregory Leighton, RPh: I think as a whole, what's always important and a good message to always leave with is anytime you're engaged with any type of specialty pharmacy, a specialty pharmacy provider, or support service, you have to always focus on the patient journey and always understand the end goal. Whenever you decide to do any type of process or any type of change or any type of clinical service, if you interact with the doctor differently, always look at the end result Does this does this drive value to my patient? Is it improving their overall health? And can they get access to this product, and be able to stay on it consistently? So if you can answer those questions ‘yes’ and you can apply different, either whether it's technology or different service levels to that, then you have a win-win for all.