The Value of the Pharmacist in Local Communities

2020-06-12 16:27:00
Tags: pharmacy heroes

Rich Tremonte, the Executive Vice President and President of Community & Specialty Pharmacy at AmerisourceBergen, discusses the importance of the pharmacist in local communities, such as his own while growing up in Philadelphia.

Alana Hippensteele: Today, I'm speaking with Rich Tremonte, the executive vice president and president of community and specialty pharmacy at a Mara Soares Bergen on the value of a pharmacist rich in your opinion what is the value of the pharmacists

Rich Tremonte: Thanks, Alana. When I think about a pharmacist, I think about growing up in Philadelphia and going to the corner drugstore that was independently owned and getting care. The store was called by Callie, and that store continued to take care of me and my family for years and years and years. I always thought of that pharmacy if something went wrong. I knew I could go to them. To see where pharmacy has come and how pharmacists continue to practice at the top of their license, whether it's flu vaccines or COVID-19 vaccines, or all the things that they can do in their setting. What they're doing to make sure that they can make that all financially viable is just inspiring to see the evolution over the last 40 years of what a pharmacist can do, and how they were the first to be leaned on during a pandemic. It's just very very inspiring and brings a smile to all of our faces.

Alana Hippensteele: Absolutely. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Rich.