The Sassy Pharmacist Discusses Contacting Physicians

2019-11-05 19:00:00
Tags: Sassy Pharmacist

Maurice Shaw, PharmD: Hi! I'm Maurice Shaw, aka, the Sassy Pharmacist. I am both a PharmD and a comedian. In fact, you may have seen my videos on YouTube.

Here's a Pet Peeve of mine, brought to you by the Sassy Pharmacist and Pharmacy Times.

Has this ever happened to you? After you try to contact the patient's doctor 3 times for refills and the office still has not responded and you tell the patient that she should try calling, she responds, "Well, that is your job!" The Sassy Pharmacist hands the patient a piece of paper, and when the patient asks what it is, he says, "My job description, which does not include repeatedly trying to reach unresponsive doctors!"

Seriously, though, when a pharmacist has a hard time getting through to their physician, suggesting that the patient call is not out of line. Pharmacists have many job responsibilities, and patients may actually have more luck getting a response.

So as a reminder, when dealing with customers in the pharmacy you can either stay classy or get sassy. Stay sassy my friends!


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