The Findings of the Pharmacy Provided Care Action Guide

2019-07-10 12:00:00
Tags: payer,pqa,reimbursement

Loren Kirk, director of Stakeholder Engagement for the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, speaks to Pharmacy Times on the findings of the Pharmacy-Provided Care Action Guide Report, during the Pharmacy Quality Alliance Annual Meeting.

Loren Kirk, PharmD: The findings of the Pharmacist-Provided Care Action Guide project are those 15 recommendations that are outlined in the report. There are 5 recommendations for pharmacists, 5 for health care payers, and 5 for pharmacists and payers to collaborate on together.

The top actions that were identified in the Pharmacist-Provided Care project are founded in collaboration. For pharmacists, the top recommendation would be to educate various stakeholders on the value that pharmacists provide to the healthcare system. For payers, the top action would be to implement hybrid reimbursement models that support the longevity of pharmacists-provided care in the community pharmacy setting. And the top action for pharmacists and payers together would be to align strategies to promote the value and deliver on the value of pharmacist-provided care.