Social Media Tips, Training for Pharmacists

2020-07-29 18:27:00
Tags: social media,pharmacy

Pharmacy Times spoke with Stephanie Moss, PharmD, MS, a pharmacist who uses her platforms on social media to build connections and advocate for the profession.

Moss will soon begin offering weekly social media tips and tricks in live events on the Pharmacy Times Facebook and Instagram pages, with topics such as finding your niche, creating content, and planning ahead on social media platforms.

Moss said the top 3 social media sites—Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—all have various benefits and opportunities for pharmacists. When considering which to use, professionals should consider whether they want to share more articles, photos and videos, or shorter statements. Although there is a lot to consider before entering the world of social media, Moss said it’s a great opportunity for pharmacists to share information, connect with others, and advocate for themselves and the profession.

Moss can be reached at if you have suggestions or questions. Follow Pharmacy Times on Facebook and Instagram to learn more from Moss over the coming weeks.