Phases of the Pharmacy Provided Care Guide Report

2019-07-07 18:00:00
Tags: pqa,Retail

Loren Kirk, director of Stakeholder Engagement for the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, speaks to Pharmacy Times on phases of the Pharmacy-Provided Care Action Guide Report, during the Pharmacy Quality Alliance Annual Meeting.

Loren Kirk, PharmD: The project itself was divided into 2 phases. The first being an industry survey, the second being a multi-stakeholder roundtable taskforce. The first involved PQA speaking to over 50 community pharmacists, community pharmacist organizations, technology vendors, and, of course, healthcare payers. In that process, we evaluated a number of different topics, and spoke to a number of different topics that included medication synchronization programs, appointment-based model, pay-for-performance models, pharmacy-performance tracking and a number of other topics that are related to, or specifically related to, the pay-for-performance transition and that value-transition.

So, the second phase of the project involved convening a roundtable effort. We asked those that participated in the first phase of the project, those that answered questions and that were surveyed, to come together and discuss the results of the survey as well as recommendations that were now included in the action guide.