'Mask of Wellness' Campaign Encourages Masks, Cleanliness in Local Businesses

2020-06-11 15:38:00
Tags: pharmacy heroes

Pharmacy Times spoke with Robbie Schwenker, PharmD, about the Mask of Wellness campaign co-created by Schwenker and David Krupp, MD. Founded in Iowa in May, Schwenker said the campaign has quickly spread to more than 200 businesses around the country.

Businesses that join the campaign commit to having their employees wear masks at all times, cleaning surfaces frequently, and maintaining social distancing whenever possible. Schwenker said that as businesses begin to gradually reopen, maintaining these standards will be vital to keeping staff and the public safe.

“I think the main thing is discussing with businesses about how, by doing these things, they can protect their employees,” Schwenker said. “And in order to keep the business open, you need to reduce that spread within your employees.”

Pharmacists have a great role to play in promoting these safety measures by speaking with patients about CDC recommendations and why they work.

“Pharmacists, like I said, are in a great position to have a positive message, and as a health care professional we can communicate with individuals and they listen.” Schwenker said.