Managing Change in a Closed-Loop System

2020-01-20 23:00:00
Tags: reimbursement,pharmacy,ashpmidyear19,interviews,payer

Girish Dighe, PharmD, MS, explains the importance of change management within a closed-loop system. This video was filmed at the 54th annual ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists) Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Girish Dighe, PharmD, MS: Change management in a closed-loop system is foundational to revenue integrity. When you think about all the changes that have to occur within your EHR, and especially in pharmacy with the Charge Description Master, we need to make sure that all of those processes are in place, that the build was done completely and correctly, and that we actually have the right communications to those cross-functional teams across the organization to make sure that there are checks and balances in place. When we do have a change that occurs, and we don’t have many people coming together through the change management process, it causes many issues. And one of the worst issues is that we see a decline in, maybe, financial performance; we have rebuild projects that are occurring in which we’re losing on revenue, and we’re then having to mitigate what that revenue leakage is. So for me, change management is essential and foundational to a revenue integrity program. We must make sure we have the right people at the table when we think about changes that are being made.