Introducing The Fit Pharmacist

2019-11-04 19:00:00
Tags: the fit pharmacist,fitness

Adam Martin, PharmD: Hi, I’m Adam Martin, founder of The Fit Pharmacist, with more than 40,000 followers across social media. I am a PharmD, speaker, author, and podcast host of “The Fit Pharmacist Healthcare Podcast,” a weekly show focused on bringing the best of pharmacy to your earbuds. Now, I’m bringing that content to Pharmacy Times. Putting the health back into health care by focusing on self-care is my passion and expertise. So over the coming months, watch Pharmacy Times for me to share practical nutrition, fitness, and wellness tips to empower hard-working pharmacists to dispense their full potential. Please feel free to contact me on Instagram, @TheFitPharmacist, with any comments or ideas. Thank you, and enjoy.