How Could Biosimilars Change the Specialty Drug Landscape?

2018-08-21 04:51:00
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Achilles Alon, PharmD, RPh, director of Specialty Pharmacy, co-owner of ACE-Rx Specialty Pharmacy, discusses biosimilars and the potential impact on patient care.

Transcript: “Biosimilars are an interesting concept and their kind of like just generics for small molecules, but for biologics they call them biosimilars because they’re not exact matches. But the idea is the same that when generics are available they’re supposed to be lower cost. When you have more competition in the market it’s supposed to drive prices down, and when you drive prices down the hope is that there’s going to be increased access for the patients. There’s hope that in the specialty arena that the insurance companies will loosen their criteria for which patients are allowed to or be approved for those medications. So that’s the holy grail, that’s the hope with biologics, that is to be seen because this is still really in its early stages.”