Emerging Trends Impact on Specialty Pharmacy Stakeholders

2020-05-07 12:00:00
Tags: asembia,asembia2020,specialty pharmacy

Thom Cohn, chief strategy officer, Asembia, discusses the impact of emerging digital tools and other therapies on patients and prescribers. 

Thom Cohn: Well, I think, all the stakeholders are being affected by these changes, as we talked about. There are all these new emerging trends, and the people that are most affected are the patient and the prescriber.

I think what we've seen is patients want to interact with everyone differently, people want to use digital therapies, whether that's texting or interacting with an app. And the same thing with the prescribers. There's different ways to reach them, interact with them. I think in the end, the end result is that it's creating a better experience for both of them. These innovations are helping lead to it.

Emerging therapies, it's just interesting what's going to be out there. Between NASH therapies and [when] we look at these pipeline products, we see that there's potential cure for hemophilia. That's going to have a great impact on the people that are affected by it.