Achieving Interconnectivity for Better Patient Care

2020-04-22 21:06:00
Tags: asembia,digital health,specialty pharmacy,HSE

Shivani Patel, RPh, Sr. Vice President, Clinical Operations and Technology, Asembia discusses the use of digital tools to better connect industry leaders and health care professionals.

Shivani Patel, RPh: Asembia is seeing a growing need for interconnectivity in the industry. So when we're talking about some of the digital tools that are one-offs, that are harder to adopt for a patient. One of our goals is to have better connectivity between all of the industry leaders and all the health care professionals that are necessary in a patient's care. So what we have done is we have connected through our technology the pharmacy with the physician, with the manufacturer, with our network, and then we are liaison any of those gaps through our hub as well.