MCPHS University Celebrates American Pharmacists Month

NOVEMBER 02, 2015
MCPHS University in Boston, Massachusetts, continued to celebrate what is nationally recognized as American Pharmacists Month as the month of October came to a close.

For the past 9 years, MCPHS University has hosted an event on campus celebrating and promoting the pharmacy profession. Organized by the university’s National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) student chapter, the event features a collaboration of 12 pharmacy organizations and 4 professional fraternities. 
Each participating organization presented to students and faculty on topics ranging from medication safety, to regulatory changes in pharmacy, to developing leadership on campus. Additionally, the event focused on the importance of pharmacists and the role they play in the health care system.
This year, hundreds of students attended the 2-hour event.

PharmD student Adam Quicquaro shares his enthusiasm with students attending the event

“By dedicating an entire month to pharmacy, the community is able to learn about all of the different aspects pharmacy has to offer,” said Vivian Tahmasbi, PharmD student and president of the school’s NCPA student chapter. “Over the past decade, pharmacy has transformed to being oriented around collaboration and high quality patient care. There are many organizations geared towards the variety of specialties in pharmacy, but without a whole month of dedication, we would not be able to showcase them all."

Two years ago, the event won MCPHS University’s annual Event of the Year Award for its work in promoting professional collaboration and advancing the pharmacy profession.

A group of students from the NCPA student chapter, pictured with club advisors Susan Jacobson and Joseph Ferullo.

The event marks the close of the American Pharmacists Month celebration. Throughout October, pharmacy organizations, colleges, and pharmacies across the country spotlighted pharmacists’ contributions toward improving health care.

“American Pharmacists Month successfully brought all of the pharmacy organizations together to work as a team with one common goal of promoting what we love about pharmacy,” Tahmasbi stated. “With the pharmacy profession constantly evolving, this event informs students, professors, and the community about the improvements constantly being made within the pharmacy profession.”

Timothy O'Shea, PharmD
Timothy O'Shea, PharmD
Timothy O'Shea, PharmD, is a Clinical Pharmacist working at a large health insurance plan on the east coast. Additionally he works per diem at a retail pharmacy chain. He graduated from MCPHS University - Boston in 2015 and subsequently completed a PGY-1 Managed Care Pharmacy Residency. His professional interests include pharmacy legislation and managed care pharmacy. He can be followed on Twitter at @toshea125.