Alex Evans, PharmD

We should all focus on the pharmacist and not the degree.
I firmly believe that overall pharmacy knowledge should increase over time.
Students can set themselves apart during rotations, with these tips from a preceptor.
Pharmacy students should take the pressure off themselves and think about their next steps, not the rest of their careers.
Work all over the globe with pharmacy jobs.
Pharmacists can find a job anywhere in the world.
Use your free time wisely, and land your dream job by becoming a more competitive candidate.
Many pharmacists are unhappy, because they passively decide to stay in situations they dislike.
Stop complaining, and learn to develop a positive outlook and ways to shine at work.
Studies show multiple health benefts to enjoying a cup of coffee.
Pharmacists can learn for free with great, online resources.
Talk to your patients about alternative therapy with these tips
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