Norris Turner, PharmD, PhD, vice president of Strategic Alliances and Measures at Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) discusses value-based contracts and the demand for medication measurements in Medicaid during the Pharmacy Quality Alliance Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD.

Norris Turner, PharmD, PhD: So, value-based contracting in Medicaid is certainly an area of exploration. I don’t know that anyone knows whether if that’s going to be a stable solution that’s solving the intended problem. But certainly, at the heart of any value-based agreement, often it is medication related. So, you need some sort of a measurement to assess whether or not you’re achieving the aims of a contract. And, no better way to try to do that than a standardized measure where there has been sufficient testing and validation of that measure. So, there are certainly opportunities to enter into that contract if in fact value-based contracting in Medicaid ends up being an important solution going forward.