NCPA 2017
NCPA 2017
Why Should Pharmacists Become More Involved in Veterinary Care?
Veterinary products offer pharmacists a chance to diversify their revenue streams. 
What Are the Benefits of Community Pharmacy Enhanced Service Networks?
Many pharmacies offer enhanced services today, and these networks aggregate these pharmacies together to better service the communities in which they are located. 
NCPA Discusses PBM Reform, DIRs
In the case of DIR fees, which are the top concern of independent community pharmacies, NCPA's comments push for enactment of S. 413 / H.R. 1038.
Collaborative Approach Urged for Veterinarians, Pharmacists
It is important to work collaboratively with veterinarians, particularly in those areas where they may be out of certain medications for their patients. 
Helping Patients with Diabetes: 'Start Thinking Further Upstream'
Pharmacists are uniquely suited helping patients figure out the optimal therapies for their diabetes. 
NCPA Recognizes Student Chapters, Student Members, and Faculty Liaison
The NCPA Foundation underwrites NCPA student chapters to increase student awareness of pharmacy ownership and the entrepreneurial opportunities in pharmacy.
What Lifestyle Interventions Should Pharmacists Advise Patients Who Are Concerned About Weight?
Stress, food, lack of water, and other issues impact the body's physiology, and pharmacists can counsel patients to adjust these issues to live healthier lives.
NCPA Digest: Scope of Pharmacy Services Up, While Reimbursements Down
The NCPA Digest authors noted that independent community pharmacies offer a variety of services.
NCPA Names 2017 Willard B. Simmons Independent Pharmacist of the Year
A graduate of the University of South Carolina, Connelly has been the owner of Medicine Mart Pharmacy since 1982.
Documentary Sheds Light on Vaccine Legacy
The film provides several takeaways for pharmacists, who have taken on an increasingly active role in vaccines, especially in influenza vaccination.
What Are the Key Strategies Necessary to Marketing a Community Pharmacy?
Educating staff is one key step toward implemeting a marketing strategy for a community pharmacy. 
How Can Pharmacists Best Address the Issue of Medication Adherence with Patients?
It important to prioritize those patients who need interventions, to create a personalized approach to get patients back on track with their recommended medications, and finally, to accommodate the patients' needs for their desired form of communication.
What Are the Benefits of Medication Synchronization?
Medication synchronization has several advantages for both the community pharmacist and their patients. 
Medication Flavoring Programs: Beneficial for Patients and Pharmacists
Better taste can mean better adherence to recommended medications. 
4 Can't-Miss Sessions at the 2017 NCPA Annual Convention
The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Annual Convention, scheduled October 14-18 in Orlando, Florida, will provide plenty of opportunities for community pharmacists to delve into a number of informative and educational sessions.