5 Principles for Retail Pharmacists to Make Their Store Stand Out

SEPTEMBER 05, 2018

In this clip, Laura Davis Taylor and Ed King, co-founders of The High Street Collective share their 5 tips to make your pharmacy stand out and keep customers coming back. 


Ed King

Destination retailing really consists of 5 major parts. It starts with a meaninful promise. Before somebody gets into the store, how do we give them a promise so when they get to the store its a great experience? The second is a thoughtful space. How do we organize and create a space that puts them in a certain mood and gives them what they really want to expect when they get there. The third is a uniquely compelling experience, so what are those things that we can do to set ourselves apart from everybody else in the space. 

Laura Davis Taylor
Then you have two others. How can you make sure it's hospitable as possible? We talk a lot about hospitality and how people who are trained in hospitality are really the ones that are going to win at retail. So for pharmacists, it's about authentic connections and good people and good training, and hiring those who are going to be authentic in caring about your customers. Then of course there's measurable, and that can be challenging to do sometimes, but really not always. If you're on the floor, you're watching what's happening, you can gage whether people seem to be delighted, or are they frustrated? Are they engaging in people? Are they engaging in products? Are they frustrated while they're waiting and you can give them a water or snack and take that away? Empathy is so important to this, and we're not always used to that because we're used to just functionally transactioning with people. In retail today, you can't be, you've got to follow these 5 principles. 

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