At the ESMO Congress 2019, Ulrik Lassen, MD, PhD, professor of oncology at the University of Copenhagen, discussed the newly-released clinical data highlighting new overall survival and progression-free survival results for larotrectinib (Vitrakvi, Bayer) in tropomyosin receptor kinase (TRK) fusion cancer.


The larotrectinib clinical data presented here at this ESMO and the prior meeting is based on 3 different trials: a phase 1 trial in adults, a phase 1/2 trial in pediatric patients, and then a phase 2 trial for adolescent and adult patients. And altogether, we now have data for 159 patients, 3 with larotrectinib, and we have seen already from the primary dataset that the response rate was very high, and that the responses were durable and the agent was safe. But we haven't had mature data to see actually the duration of response and the survival because the median time to event had not been reached before. But now the data matured, and at this ESMO it was presented for the first time. So we can see that the median overall survival was 44 months and the median progression-free survival was 28 months.