In this clip, Mark Eastham, RPh, the senior vice president and general manager of McKesson RxO, discusses recent trends in health care delivery. This video was filmed at the 2018 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting.

Patients want their health care...closer to them. What we're finding with that trend is, health systems are now starting to partner directly with large employers to do contracting with them so that those employees living in those neighborhoods can go to a local clinic and get the services they want without having to drive far away. What goes hand in hand with this is capturing informaton on these patients and tracking that so that clinically they are being managed well and being adherent to their medication. That can involve a smart device, having applications that go both way, so as a patient if I'm on a certain drug I can immediately contact my provider if I have questions about my care, and at the same time, the provider being able to give back to the patient right away and again eliminating this, lets get in the car and drive somewhere. They can do it from the app, based on what the patient says, instead of saying "yeah come in." they can answer the question, and they can move forward without disrupting their normal lifestyle.