Amin Khudari, PharmD Candidate


USC ALL Induction Regimen Combined With Newer TKIs Is Safe, Effective for Patients With Ph+ Disease

Achieving MRD flow cytometry negativity is crucial in monitoring and predicting survival outcomes.

Steve Martinson


The Tao of Tau: Developing the “My Vancomycin Calculator” App

Creating a free app to assist in vancomycin dosing proved to be an entertaining and enlightening journey.

Christy Cheung, PharmD


Artificial Intelligence Applications in Education and Pharmacy Practice

By interpreting and applying the data provided by algorithms, pharmacists are uniquely equipped to guide development of more patient-centered care.

Rachel Chandra, PharmD, MPH, FASHP


The Impact of Community Pharmacists on Social Determinants of Health

Having community pharmacists to influence outcomes associated with social determinants of health in the US population is vital to improving overall patient outcomes.

Hannah Ayers


Case Studies: May 2022

How would you handle these patients' questions?

Gary Hopkins


Medically Integrated Health System Specialty Pharmacies Deliver Strong Outcomes

These facilities provide significant value to payers and patients.

Jerry Rebo, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP, DPLA


Sugammadex: Use Criteria Optimization and Outcomes Data Evaluation

Establishing new use criteria led to an 86% reduction in the utilization of sugammadex with no appreciable impact on measured outcomes.

Janet John, PharmD Candidate


Give Your Patients Options for Managing Menstrual Pain

Recommendations range from contraceptives to heat therapy to holistic use of spices.

Margaret T Peinovich, PharmD, BCPS


Evaluation of a Chemotherapy Advanced Preparation Pilot Program to Improve Throughput in an Oncology Infusion Clinic

Pharmacy workflow changes in the preparation of chemotherapy products can reduce patient chair time.

Ashley L. Weaver, PharmD Candidate


Understand the Emergency Management Assistance Comp

This interstate agreement can empower pharmacists to respond to large-scale emergencies

Kaitlin Beyler, PharmD Candidate 2023


For the First Time Ever, CDC Makes Specific Recommendations on Flu Vaccines for Geriatric Patients

CDC makes groundbreaking shift by providing influenza vaccination recommendations for the geriatric population.

Robin R. Vidal, PharmD


The Role of Pharmacists and Prescription Monitoring Programs in Stemming the Opioid Epidemic

Pharmacists can be instrumental in reducing the main challenges in opioid use disorder—namely supply, demand, and harm.

Tiffany Capps, CPhT


Career Pathways Play Key Part in Retention

Redefining technician roles boosts workflow efficiencies, strengthens pharmacies' bottom lines.

Michael Piskuric, PharmD, CSP


Telemedicine Provides Paradigm Shift in Specialty Pharmacists' Role on the Care Team

Remote services allow unrivaled opportunities for outreach to vulnerable populations and those in rural areas.

Tiffany Russo, PharmD


Updated C. Difficile Infection Guidelines Incorporate New Trials

Infectious Disease Society of America and Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America make 3 new treatment recommendations for adults.

Raymond McCall, BPharm


Welcome to the Future of Pharmacy

Here are 5 ways technology is rapidly revolutionizing the day-to-day role of technicians and pharmacists.

Wendy La, PharmD


The Role of Pharmacists in Prescribing HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

Implementing PrEP in retail community pharmacies increases patient accessibility but may be difficult to incorporate without modifying workflow.

Yolaine Jeune-Smith, PhD


Augmented Intelligence Can Help Reduce Unplanned Hospital Admissions, Supporting the Enhancing Oncology Model

Even with technological advancements, provider involvement and oversight remain essential.

Prinsa D. Patel, PharmD-MSPS dual degree candidate


Ensuring Innovation Act Changes Eligibility for New Chemical Exclusivity

Law aims to encourage competition in the pharmaceutical industry, making it easier for generics to enter market.

Mary C. Kerbler, PharmD Candidate


MHPAEA Has Positive Effect on Psychiatric Care

Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act disallows insurers offering lower-quality benefits for behavioral health treatments.

Hannah S. Mercado


Improving Seniors’ Timely Access to Care Act Aims to Improve Prior Authorization Process

Legislation would place emphasis back on patient health rather than on cumbersome, time-consuming paperwork.

Christine Roussel, BS, PharmD, BCOP, BCSCP


FDA, USP Advance Standardization, Regulation of Cannabis Nationally

Quality standards and national regulation help to establish its role as medicine.

Taylor Roberson, PharmD Candidate


The Blood Detective: Tackling Medication-Induced Hematological Disorders

These disorders can be fatal, making pharmacists’ role in detection crucial.

Matthew Gall


Clinical Overview: Baricitinib (Olumiant) for Rheumatoid Arthritis, COVID-19

Baricitinib (Olumiant) is indicated for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and COVID-19 in hospitalized adults.

Rami Chammas, PharmD, MPBA


The Value of a Hub in a Limited Distribution Specialty Pharmacy Network

Although specialty pharmacies may be able to offer some of the services that a hub provider does, a hub can standardize patient and provider support across the network.

Teena Chopra, MD, MPH


Advice for Physicians to Manage C. Difficile Infection (CDI)

Experts share advice for physicians taking care of patients with C. difficile infection (CDI).

Jamie Kuo, PharmD, BCCCP


Clinical Overview: 2023-2024 COVID-19 Vaccines

An overview of updated CDC ACIP recommendations for COVID-19 vaccines available through commercial channels for the 2023-2024 season.

Justin Bivona, PharmD


Patient Case Study: A Rare Neurological Disease Diagnostic Journey

Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder is an autoimmune disease characterized by severe attacks of optic neuritis and/or myelitis, leading to possible visual loss, paralysis, cognitive impairment, sensory deficits, bladder dysfunction, and even mortality.

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