Yogurt Associated with Lower Pre-Cancerous Bowel Growth in Men


Research adds to a previously found correlation between yogurt consumption and a lowered risk of bowel cancer.

Research published in the journal Gut shows that eating 2 or more weekly servings of yogurt may lower the risk of developing the abnormal growths, known as adenomas, that precede the development of bowel cancer.

Although previously published research suggests a correlation between yogurt consumption and a decreased risk of bowel cancer through a change in type and volume in gut microbiomes, limited research has been conducted that evaluates whether the correlation was associated with adenomas as well.

Therefore, investigators analyzed the diets and subsequent development of adenoma in approximately 32,606 men as a part of the Health Professionals Follow UP Study and 55,743 women who were part of the Nurses Health Study. All participants were known to have had a lower bowel endoscopy between 1986 and 2012. Every 4 years, they provided detailed information on lifestyle and diet, including their yogurt intake.

Investigators found that during the study period, 5811 adenomas developed in men and 8116 in the women. Compared with those who did not eat yogurt, men who ate 2 or more servings a week were 19% less likely to develop a conventional adenoma, according to the study. Patients who had adenomas that were highly likely to become cancerous or were located in the rectum had an even greater decreased risk of 26%.

The study authors noted that there was no association found for men with serrated adenoma, a more dangerous form, or for the participants who were women.

Further research is needed to confirm the science and understand the reasoning for the association, the authors concluded.


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