Vitamin C Supplementation Highlights AJPB Week in Review


Top articles of the week from The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits.

5. FDA Warns of Deaths Linked to Primary Biliary Cholangitis Drug

Obeticholic acid (Ocaliva) for primary biliary cholangitis has been tied to 30 severe liver damage cases. Read more.

4. Physical Activity May Influence Diet in Men

Sedentary behavior found to increase preference for high-fat diets and calorie consumption in rats. Read more.

3. Healthcare Costs, Not Quality Concerns Americans

High costs of prescription drugs outweigh the concern of quality of care received in some states. Read more.

2. Settlement Reached in Amgen-AbbVie Biosimilar Litigation

Agreement clears path to launch of Humira biosimilar. Read more.

1. What You Think You Know About Vitamin C and the Common Cold is Wrong

Taking massive doses of vitamin C to protect against viruses and diseases may actually have harmful effects. Read more.

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