Trending News Today: Women with Breast Cancer Delay Care When Faced with High Deductibles

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A new study showed that women with breast cancer were more likely to delay care if their deductibles were high, the New York Times reported. According to the article, a review of several years of medical claims indicated that women confronting such immediate expenses put off getting diagnostic imaging and biopsies, and delayed chemotherapy by an average of 7 months. The article noted that while the study did not look at survival after treatment, oncologists warn that even short gaps between diagnosis and treatment can affect outcomes.

Baltimore, Maryland’s health department and a national advocacy group urged the Trump administration to invoke government authority to slash naloxone prices and increase access to the opioid overdose antidote, the Associated Press reported. According to the article, Baltimore’s health agency is rationing its naloxone supplies due to the medication’s price. On Thursday, Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr Leana Wen and the Public Citizen nonprofit made their appeal for government intervention in a letter to Kellyanne Conway, a Trump counselor, but have not received a response yet, the article noted.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is moving to bring safe injection sites for illegal drug users to New York City in an effort to combat the opioid epidemic, the New York Times reported. According to the article, the plan calls for the support of several district attorneys and the State Department of Health, which answers to Governor Andrew M Cuomo. The city sent a letter on Thursday to the state, asserting its intention to open 4 injection centers, according to the New York Times.