Trending News Today: Survey Says Oncologists Often Recommend Medical Marijuana, But Know Little About It

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A new survey indicates that oncologists often recommend or prescribe medical marijuana to their patients, although most know little about it, STAT reported. Although the majority of oncologists responded that they have talked to their patients about medical marijuana, and nearly half have recommended it, only 30% reported that they felt sufficiently informed to make recommendations, according to the report. The article noted that the new survey is the first in decades to ask oncologists about their views on medical marijuana.

The World Health Organization (WHO) hopes to deploy an experimental Ebola vaccine to fight an outbreak of the disease in a remote area of Congo, Reuters reported. According to the article, Congo on Tuesday reported the outbreak, with 32 suspected, probable, or confirmed cases of the disease since April 4, 2018, including 18 deaths. The immediate risk is to the provincial capital Mbandaka, with approximately 1 million inhabitants, the article noted.

A new artificial intelligence model could help scientists study medical mysteries, such as cancer or Alzheimer’s, according to NPR. The model, known as Allen Integrated Cell, is a 3D model of a living human cell that allows scientists to study the interior structures of a cell, according to the article. NPR reported that the application was programmed to learn studied images of tens of thousands of live human stem cells.