Trending News Today: Strokes Occurring in More Young Individuals Than Ever

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This week alone, there have been 6 suspected opioid overdose-related deaths in Delaware, with paramedics and state police responding to multiple overdoses within 8 hours, The Washington Post reported. These latest deaths brought the total number of overdose-related fatalities to 94 this year. These overdoses have caused the Department of Health and Social Services to urge residents with drug misuse disorder to seek prompt treatment.

A measles outbreak in Minnesota this year has surpassed the total number of cases for the entire country in 2016, according to The Washington Post. Health officials are concerned that the rate of the outbreak will not slow down and are urging parents to vaccinate their children. The officials also worry that the celebration of Ramadan will further spread the virus, as the holiday brings together numerous individuals, many of whom have unvaccinated children, the Post reported.

Strokes may not be something that only affects older individuals. More hospitalizations for strokes are occurring among patients aged 18 to 54 than ever before, according to Democrat and Chronicle. While anyone can experience a stroke related to a heart defect, a ruptured artery, or a clotting disorder, more physicians have found that their younger patients are affected by hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and tobacco use, which have primarily affected older individuals in the past, according to the article.