Trending News Today: Senate Votes to Eliminate Health Insurance Assistance Program

Top news of the day from across the healthcare landscape.

Researchers have found that physicians changed their medical practices after a clinical trial proved it to be ineffective. Axillary lymph node dissection was not found to improve additional outcomes for patients with breast cancer. After the results from the trial, the rate of patients who underwent the procedure decreased by 50%, according to Kaiser Health News.

A Senate committee recently voted to eliminate the State Health Insurance Assistance Program, which provides funding for various programs, including a program that helps Medicare seniors understand their coverage, according to Kaiser Health News. SHIP counselors provide information about billing, different plans, appeals, subsidies, and other problems. Yesterday, however, a House subcommittee voted to preserve the program and provide $52 million to fund it.

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has been banned from owning or operating a medical laboratory for at least 2 years, The New York Times reported. Their current laboratory is no longer allowed to take Medicare or Medicaid payments and must pay a fine. This legal action was because authorities reviewed test results from patients taking warfarin and found them to be inaccurate.