Trending News Today: Revisions to Senate Bill Gain White House Support

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A new report published by the Government Accountability Office found that a growing number of sicker patients drop their Medicare Advantage coverage, according to Kaiser Health News. The report indicated that patients left the health plans because of difficulty gaining access to preferred physicians, healthcare facilities, and care. Due to the high turnover rate, the government may choose to implement stricter regulations over the plans, according to the article.

The White House has backed a proposal that would not require insurers to comply with patient protection standards. Under the proposal, insurers could sell any type of plans, as long as 1 complied with mandates similar to the Affordable Care Act, The New York Times reported. The proposal, which is advanced by Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX), is being used to bolster support for the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) from conservatives, but may increase concerns for moderate legislators.

Republican leaders may face hardships ahead due to conservatives backing attempts to move the BCRA more towards the right. Yesterday, the Freedom Works and the Club for Growth requested Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) adopt the proposal introduced by Sens Mike Lee (R-UT) and Cruz to reduce ACA regulations, according to Politico. However, without support from key moderates, the party could fail to gain enough votes to pass the BCRA. Currently, many moderates have spoken out against the bill due to provisions related to preexisting conditions, but the bill is still in revision and may be changed to ease concerns.

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