Trending News Today: Long-Term Health Problems in Childhood Cancer Survivors

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Although more children are surviving pediatric cancer than ever before, findings from a new study suggest that some lingering health problems in adulthood are increasing with each generation of cancer survivors, reported Kaiser Health News. The results of the study showed that adults diagnosed with childhood cancers in the 1990s reported some worse health outcomes than patients treated in the 1970s or 1980s. It’s assumed that improved treatments that have cured more childhood cancers translated to less side effects, however, rates of self-reported poor general health, pain, and anxiety appeared to peak among survivors diagnosed more recently, according to Kaiser.

Another experimental Zika vaccine has been launched by federal scientists and will be tested in human volunteers, according to NPR. The experimental vaccine goes by the name ZPIV, and has already shown efficacy in Japanese encephalitis, a virus similar to Zika. Researchers are recruiting 75 volunteers to test the vaccine, and will monitor them to ensure that the vaccine is safe. ZPIV is designed to cripple the virus so it can’t cause disease, but the inactivated form still triggers an immune reaction. If the vaccine proves to be promising, federal researchers hope to expand the trials in 2017 in countries with the highest prevalence of Zika, NPR reported.

UPS has agreed to acquire the clinical logistics company Marken Ltd in order to shift into the business of medical deliveries, reported The Wall Street Journal. This move could help expand UPS express delivery business, and the deal will roughly double its number of dedicated health care facilities to more than 100 around the world. According to the Journal, Marken specializes in transporting clinical trial materials and medications between 49,000 clinical trial locations around the globe. UPS did not disclose how much it paid for Marken.