Trending News Today: Healthcare Reform Could Challenge Millennials

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Yesterday, GOP Senate leaders decided to delay voting on their healthcare reform bill until after the Fourth of July holiday due to a divide in the party, according to Politico. Republicans plan to revise the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) during the recess and receive a new analysis from the Congressional Budget Office prior to voting, according to the article. Despite delaying the vote, lawmakers plan to move forward with the bill. Thus far, 5 moderates have publically issued negative opinions about the bill as is, calling for further revisions.

The BCRA may present a unique situation for Millennials. For some, the new legislation would reduce premiums—a move that aims to bring healthier individuals to the market—while Millennials who gained coverage through Medicaid expansion would lose insurance, according to Kaiser Health News. Under the bill, states may also choose to opt out of providing coverage for maternity care or mental health care, which are commonly used by younger individuals. However, the BCRA would keep the provision that allows young adults to remain on their parent’s insurance plans until age 26.

The American Diabetes Association last year issued a recommendation against hyperbaric treatment, as there was not enough information to support the therapy, Kaiser Health News. Hyperbaric therapy involves patients with persistent wounds breathing pure oxygen for 2 hours each week day. Officials from Medicare have flagged overuse of hyperbaric therapy, but has still retained coverage for the service since 2002, according to the article. Critics cite the uptick in therapy as a way to generate substantial revenue opposed to bringing value to the healthcare system.

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