Trending News Today: Certain Prostate Cancer Drugs May Increase Risk of Heart Conditions

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A new study found that a common prostate cancer treatment may increase the risk of developing a fatal heart condition, the American Heart Association reported. According to the article, the study, which was published in Circulation, examined how testosterone-blocking drugs antiandrogens affect the heart’s QT interval. Overall, 7 of the 10 drugs reviewed were disproportionately associated with either long QT, torsade de pointes, or sudden death, with enzalutamide linked with more deaths than any other antiandrogen, the article reported.

New data from the CDC showed that drug overdose deaths in the United States are now higher in cities than rural areas, The Hill reported. According to the article, the CDC found that in 2017, there were 22 overdose deaths out of every 100,000 people in urban areas and 20 overdose deaths in rural areas. Urban counties reported higher deaths among those who overdosed on heroin, cocaine, and synthetic opioids, including fentanyl, the article reported.

Older women who experience social stress may be more likely to have lower bone density after menopause, Reuters reported. According to the article, the study followed 11,020 postmenopausal women over 6 years, giving them periodic bone mineral density (BMD) tests and mood assessments. Each 1-point increase in social strain was associated with 0.082% greater loss of BMD in the neck, 0.108% greater loss of BMD at the hip, and 0.069% greater loss of BMD in the lower spine, the article reported.

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