Trending News Today: Humana Medicare Quality Measures Drop

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Elderly adults who have compromised mobility are more likely to become isolated, feel depressed, and die earlier compared with those whose mobility is intact. Even light exercise improves strength and flexibility, in addition to preventing long-term disability in these patients, according to Kaiser Health News. Exercise was also seen to reduce the risk of heart disease, cognitive impairment, diabetes, depression, and cancer.

Humana has recently seen a downgrade in their Medicare quality measure, which could lower its reimbursements from the federal government, according to The Wall Street Journal. However, the large insurer is claiming that the poor quality rating was not an accurate indication of their business. Humana has typically performed strongly, and plans to create strategies to mitigate negative consequences of the rating.

More than half of newly diagnosed breast cancers are likely false due to a case of mistaken identity, which can inflict anxiety, poor health effects, and high costs on patients, a recent study found. The findings also suggest that mammograms may not be as beneficial or impact survival rates as much as previously thought. More effective treatment options should be seen as the reason why breast cancer survival rates have increased, according to the Los Angeles Times.