Top 5 Highest Ranking Pharmacies


A focus on customers and clinics added to pharmacies increased customer satisfaction with both mail order and retail pharmacies.

A recent JD Power pharmacy study revealed that while more customers are turning to mail order pharmacies, customers visiting traditional pharmacies will find an increasing number of additional services offered.

Some pharmacies choose to partner with pharmacy benefit managers to increase their offerings, and provide better patient access. Some pharmacies have also integrated traditional pharmacy care with other healthcare centers, such as minute clinics and mental health centers, to increase services offered.

“Increasingly, customers are turning 2 errands into 1 when, for example, they need to pick up a prescription and get a flu shot,” said Rick Johnson, director of the healthcare practice at JD Power. “Pharmacies that are cognizant of their customers’ needs, and their time, will likely continue to achieve high satisfaction.”

They study also found that the utilization of wellness services also increased customer satisfaction by about 20 points, compared with customers who did not use those services. Researchers said that the highest-scoring pharmacies have a great staff and an easy ordering process.

The 5 highest ranking pharmacies per category are:

1. Publix — Supermarket

This supermarket pharmacy outranked all other pharmacies included in the survey. The supermarket average was only 874 points, and Publix scored 912 out of 1000 points.

2. Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy — Mail order

The second highest ranking pharmacy was a mail order pharmacy that scored 906 out of 1000 points. The average for these pharmacies was 869 points, according to the survey.

3. Health Mart — Chain drug store

Health Mart ranked the highest for this category, and third highest overall, scoring 898 points out of 1000, while the average score was 863.

4. Good Neighbor Pharmacy — Chain drug store

This chain drug store pharmacy ranked second in the category, and fourth highest overall with 896 out of 1000 points.

5. Wegman’s — Supermarket

This pharmacy ranked fifth overall and second in its category. It has been categorized as “better than most” by JD Power, and received 891 points out of 1000.

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