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Pharmacy TimesAugust 2009
Volume 75
Issue 8

BullsEye Tablet Splitter Is Right on Target for Accuracy

With many pharmacies and health insurers cutting expenses by allowing for higher-dose pills to be split in half, TCGRX (Powers Lake, Wisconsin) is targeting the need for pharmacies to keep costs at bay, while also saving time and ensuring safety for patients. The BullsEye Tablet Splitter is designed to hit the mark in terms of halving pills with quickness and accuracy.

What sets it apart from other tablet splitters is 2% variability between split halves—a standard touted as 5 times higher than that of the competition, filling a void left by devices that split tablets unequally or crush portions in the process. Aside from offering greater safety through its precision, the BullsEye virtually eliminates cross-contamination concerns that come with other, hard-toclean splitters, as it comes equipped with a replaceable blade and HEPA filter.

Offering a splitting speed of up to 16 tablets per minute makes TCGRX’s BullsEye a solution that also helps to free more of pharmacists’ precious time. For more information, visit

EF Bavis Offers Green Drive-Through Machine

An innovative alternative to pneumatic tube mechanisms for remote pharmacy drive-through lanes, the Captive Carrier TransTrax by EF Bavis (Maineville, Ohio) is designed for those facilities that aim for environmental friendliness combined with cost savings and convenience.

Requiring no power on the carrier’s island and no replacement carriers, the device boasts a total savings of up to $1000 per lane each year. Its single motor provides a rated 10,000-hour operating life, as compared with 500 hours offered by similar devices, the company states.

The tape drive system is designed expressly for pharmacies, with a higher weight and volume carrier capacity than others on the market. Vehicle height adjustability on the part of the operator allows for patient ease of use.

For more information on the Captive Carrier TransTrax, visit

HyGreen Ensures Hospital Hygiene

Like an electronic parent that places cleanliness at the highest priority, HyGreen, by Xhale, Inc (Bowling Green, Kentucky) polices the hand-washing practices of hospital health care workers. The patent-pending system is comprised of sensing devices designed to ensure proper hand washing, as well as electronic identification badge holders to be placed around clinicians’ necks.

After applying soap or antibacterial gel, clinicians place their hands beneath the sensor mounted adjacent to the dispenser. The sensor identifies the employee and verifies that soap or gel has been applied to the hands. From there, a green light on the clinician’s badge holder illuminates to signify proper washing.

A monitor near each patient’s bed detects the proximity of health care workers. When clinicians come within 2 to 3 feet, their badge signifies hand cleanliness by lighting up green or vibrating as an alert for hand washing.

Visit for more information.

NuAire’s CellGard ES Is a Breath of Fresh Air to Biological Safety Cabinetry

Thoughtfully developed features and energy efficiency make NuAire Inc’s (Plymouth, Min ne - sota) CellGard ES NU-480 Class II Biosafety Cabinet a viable new option for hospital pharmacies. It features a Touchlink LCD Control Center, energy-saving DC-ECM motor, sloped window, and longer HEPA filter life.

The cabinet design increases energy savings even further by providing appropriately sized fans to also ensure low operating cost, longer product life, and minimal vibration. Leaks are eliminated by the HEPEX airflow system, which ensures uniformity of airflow and filter loading.

Placing pharmacist comfort at equal importance, NuAire outfitted the cabinet with an ergonomic design, providing more leg room and a larger work area. Cleaning is made easier by the sloped window’s ability to open 30 degrees. For more information, visit

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