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Pharmacy TimesDecember 2012 Heart Health
Volume 78
Issue 12

Marketed by: Cap-N-Lock LLC

With misuse of prescription drugs on the rise, the Locking Cap offers an option to safely secure prescription medication. The combination locking cap fits a wide variety of prescription bottles and vials, and is small, convenient, and more portable than medication lock boxes. It uses a 4-number combination lock to prevent unauthorized use of prescription medications, but is easy to remove once unlocked. It is available as individual caps for $11.99 each, and as a 12-pack display case for $119.99.

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Marketed by: Intelligent Hospital Systems

Robotic IV Automation (RIVA) offers an automatic system for hospital pharmacies to accurately, safely, and quickly prepare intravenous (IV) bags and syringes. The system allows hospital pharmacies to compound sterile preparations in a United States Pharmacopeia environment. It uses standard sterile syringes and IV bags in multiple sizes, and can be used for chemotherapy- and nonchemotherapy-related treatments. It accepts either orders from the pharmacy computer system or manual entries that can be inputted by touch screen or via user station. It includes an electronic audit trail of all prepared doses, allowing pharmacists to run reports for audit or verification purposes.

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Marketed by: Keystone Folding Box Company

EcoSlide-RX packaging offers childresistant and senior-friendly compliance packaging in a product that contains no plastic. The packaging includes a child-resistant locking mechanism that is still easy to open, and a film and foil push-through blister card, offering easy pill access. The blister pack includes a daily and weekly reminder calendar shown to include medication compliance. The packaging is more stackable and more discreet than traditional vials, allowing for easy storage in medicine cabinets or in purses or suitcases. The packages can be automated for quick dispensing of common prescriptions.

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Diana System

Marketed by: ICU Medical Inc

ICU Medical offers a sterile hazardous drug compounding system for the preparation and delivery of specialized medications. The Diana System is equipped with 20- and 50-mL syringe pump channels to handle both low- and high-volume preparations. The channels are designed to handle automated preparation. The 20-mL channel fills patient bags at up to 70 mL per minute, whereas the 50-mL channel fills elastomeric pumps, syringe series, and bags and containers at up to 100 to 150 mL per minute. The unit is designed with closed system components, and is compact enough to fit under biologic safety cabinet hoods.

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