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Pharmacy TimesOctober 2012 Diabetes
Volume 79
Issue 10

Kirby Lester LLC

Kirby Lester LLC announced the launch of KL1Plus, a combination tablet counter and streamlined verification system designed to meet the needs of retail and outpatient pharmacies. Weighing just 8 lb and measuring 7 inches wide, the KL1Plus verifies all tablet, capsule, and unit-ofuse pharmacy orders to help ensure that patients receive the correct medication, quantity, and dosage. To use, pharmacy staff simply scan the patient’s Rx label and then the stock bottle to ensure a match. The KL1Plus features onscreen drug images, a 5-inch touch screen, and a count speed of 15 to 18 tablets per second.

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Medsaway Medication Disposal Systems

Marketed by: Apothecary Products Inc and Verde Environmental Technologies Inc

The Medsaway Medication Disposal Systems for consumer and professional use allow users to safely dispose of old and unwanted narcotics, liquid medication, transdermal patches, and controlled substances. The product features a patented liquid-tight plastic pouch that contains activated carbon powder. After adding a small quantity of water, the pouch’s ingredients work to deactivate harmful drug components, typically in 48 hours. The pouch can then be thrown out with traditional trash. Each single-use retail pouch can neutralize approximately 45 pills or capsules, whereas the pouch for professional use can neutralize up to 100 pills.

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Radio Frequency Identification Cabinets

Marketed by: McKesson Inc

Hospitals can find a powerful tool for managing physician preference items, including stents, pacemakers, implants, and orthopedic supplies, with the launch of McKesson’s Radio Frequency Identification Cabinets. Part of McKesson’s Point of Use Supply System (formerly IntelliShelf), the cabinets use low-touch technology to automate inventory control and allow staff to manage inventories automatically. Hospital staff can scan a badge to access supplies and select the needed patient case. The cabinet automatically updates clinical case files and inventory, and helps reduce adverse drug reactions by eliminating human error that can occur with drug selection.

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SC-240 Body Composition Analyzer

Marketed by: Tanita Corporation of America

Tanita offers a light, portable body composition analyzer for use during in-store health clinics or screenings. The SC-240 Body Composition Analyzer measures body fat percentage, body water percentage, and body mass index, which are all displayed on the unit’s screen. The unit uses a safe, low-level electrical signal from its footpad to measure body composition. It weighs 10 lb, runs on battery power, and has a built-in handle. A USB port allows for easy transfer of data into an electronic medical record or other health and fitness software.

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