Semaglutide Prompts Significant Weight Loss in Obese Patients

Participants receiving semaglutide lost significantly more weight than those receiving placebo after 1 year.

According to research presented at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting (ENDO), semaglutide injection phase 2 data demonstrated significant weight loss in adults with obesity.

In the phase 2 trial, adults with obesity treated with semaglutide 0.4 mg administered once-daily via subcutaneous injections lost up to 13.8% of body weight after 52 weeks, significantly more weight than those treated with placebo who lost 2.3% of body weight.

“In the US alone, more than 90 million adults have obesity. We need to continue to research and develop new therapies to support those living with this chronic disease,” lead investigator, Patrick O’Neil, PhD, Medical University of South Carolina, said in a statement. “I am encouraged by these results and look forward to seeing data from upcoming phase 3 trials to better understand how semaglutide may play a role in the treatment of obesity.”

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