Recent Advances Highlight New Era of Cancer Research


Precision medicine and immune oncology transform cancer treatment.

A recent special report presented an agenda for the future of cancer prevention research that will be put into action immediately.

The report, published in the Cancer Prevention Research journal of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), focuses on interrelated disciplines of precision medicine and immune oncology to transform cancer prevention and early detection.

Developers believe a new era for cancer prevention has begun, with recent discoveries that define the sequence of genomic events and inflammatory tumor microenvironments.

Researchers believe it’s important to understand molecular and cellular events that cause cells to form pre-cancers and later develop into invasive cancers.

The report highlighted recent advances that have been made, including:

  • Single-cell sequencing, that supports pre-cancer genome atlas (PCGA)
  • Successfully clinical trials of chemo preventives, with a breakthrough in a familial adenomatous polyposis trial
  • First genomic markers for the early detection of lung and colon cancers
  • Recent paradigm changing therapy and prevention that came from studies of the biology of tumors that develop in people with predisposition cancer genes
  • Efforts to increase clinical use of proven approaches, such as HPV vaccines.

Right now steps and new initiatives are being taken to help cancer research, such as forming a cancer prevention committee, 2 prevention related journals, and holding multiple scientific conferences.

“The AACR continues to play an important role in catalyzing advances in cancer prevention research,” said co-author Scott M. Lippman, MD. “AACR’s upcoming Cancer Prevention Summit, ‘Shaping the Future of Cancer Prevention: A Roadmap for Integrative Cancer Science and Public Health,’ will convene experts from all cancer prevention disciplines to identify future research priorities and discuss how to best advance public policy, public education, and services related to cancer prevention, including screening.

“All these initiatives are dedicated to promoting breakthroughs and collaborations across all disciplines of cancer prevention research.”

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