Pharmacy Discount Card Concerns Highlights AJPB Week in Review


Top articles of the week from The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits.

5. Victoza Found to Reduce Cardiovascular Risks Among Diabetes Patients

Liraglutide is an injectable prescription drug that may improve glucose in adults with type 2 diabetes. Read more.

4. More States Push Against Opioid Abuse

Bills introduced at the state level would increase provider accountability for controlled substances. Read more.

3. Prebiotics May Fight Childhood Obesity

Prebiotics seen to reduce weight gain among pediatric patients who were overweight or obese. Read more.

2. Are Hair Products Causing Breast Cancer?

A new study looks into a potential link between hair care and breast cancer incidence. Read more.

1. The Truth About Pharmacy Discount Cards

Customers may end up paying more for prescription drugs when they use certain pharmacy discount cards. Read more.

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Aimee Keegan, PharmD, BCOP, a clinical pharmacist
Aimee Keegan, PharmD, BCOP, a clinical pharmacist
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