Pharmacy Clinical Pearl of the Day: Fibrous Dysplasia


Symptoms of fibrous dysplasia include bone pain, swelling, bone deformity, bone and fractures.

Clinical Pearl of the Day: Fibrous Dysplasia

Fibrous dysplasia is an uncommon bone disorder in which scar-like (fibrous) tissue develops in place of normal bone.


  • This irregular tissue can weaken the affected bone and cause it to deform or fracture.
  • In most cases, fibrous dysplasia occurs at a single site in 1 bone but can occur at multiple sites in multiple bones.
  • People who have more than 1 affected bone typically develop symptoms before 10 years of age.
  • Although fibrous dysplasia is a genetic disorder, it's caused by a gene mutation that's not passed from parent to child.
  • Symptoms include bone pain, swelling, bone deformity, bone fractures, and pain in the bones in general.
  • Causes: Fibrous dysplasia is linked to a gene mutation present in certain cells that produce bone.
  • Diagnosis may include imaging tests, bone scan, and biopsy.
  • Treatment may include osteoporosis medications, pain medications, and surgery to correct the deformity.


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