Personalized Medicine: An Emerging Trend in Cancer Care

Amber Draper, PharmD, BCOP, clinical pharmacist at Winship Cancer Institute, discussed emerging trends in oncology care.


It seems in, you know cancers collectively, we know a lot more about what to do with biomarkers. So in hematology we know, in all the solid tumors we know, and you’re actually seeing us have more directed treatment options and more personalization of medicine than what we had before in cancer care. And like I said, you’re definitely seeing that in colorectal cancer, but you’re also seeing that in hepatic cancer, you’re seeing it in a lot of renal cell carcinomas, and also in a lot of hematology. So we’re actually being able to direct care better for patients in individualized therapy, and by doing that I think we’re going to have better outcomes. So we’re also going to be able to reduce toxicities, by either shortening the amount of treatment patients have to receive, which is what we saw in the idea collaboration that was discussed on Wednesday. We’re going to be able to have patients have better care with less adverse effects in the long run.

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