Patients with Psoriasis Not Achieving Treatment Goals

A survey from Novartis revealed that 57% of patients with psoriasis did not achieve clear or almost clear skin.

Novartis recently reported that more than half of patients with psoriasis do not reach their treatment goal of clear skin, and they do not believe that reaching this goal is even possible.

According to research presented at the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Congress, patients with psoriasis reported facing discrimination, humiliation, and mental illness. Despite real-world evidence presented at the conference, a survey Novartis conducted revealed that 57% of respondents were unable to achieve clear or almost clear skin, and 28% of patients had to wait 5 years before reaching this goal.

Included in the survey were 8338 patients from 31 countries. The study aimed to gain understanding about patient perspectives regarding clear skin, and the issues that arise from not achieving it.

This survey is the largest partnership between Novartis and patient organizations, they reported. Approximately 84% of respondents experienced discrimination and humiliation, and 43% reported that the condition affected their relationships.

Psychological conditions resulting from psoriasis were also common, with 24% of patients reporting a diagnosis of anxiety, and 25% reporting depression. These patients were more likely to have severe disease and poor quality-of-life in other findings presented at the conference, according to Novartis. This demonstrates a potential association between psychological and physical aspects of psoriasis.

These findings also suggest an unmet need for education and engagement among healthcare professionals and patients regarding treatment goals, such as clear or almost clear skin. To further emphasize their dedication to patients with psoriasis, Novartis launched the Ask Your Dermatologist campaign, which is currently underway in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and Austria.

The goal of the campaign is to have patients discuss treatment expectations and quality-of-life issues with their dermatologist.

“Every patient deserves the opportunity to achieve clear skin, but this research tells us many are not given the chance,” said Vasant Narasimhan, global head, Drug Development and chief medical officer, Novartis. “Novartis supports the World Health Organization's resolution to make psoriasis a global health priority and help patients overcome the heartbreaking physical, societal and psychological challenges the condition presents.”