Overcoming Chemotherapy Side Effects Tops Specialty Pharmacy Week in Review


Top stories of the week on Specialty Pharmacy Times from May 18 to May 22.

Top stories of the week on Specialty Pharmacy Times from May 18 to May 22.

Specialty Pharmacy and the Affordable Care Act

National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) Executive Director James E. Smeeding, RPh, MBA, discusses the impact of the Affordable Care Act on specialty pharmacy.


Giving Infants Antibiotics May Spur Disease in Adulthood

Unbalanced gut bacteria can lead to autoimmune disorders such as type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.


Increase in Prostate Cancer Deaths Linked With Unemployment

Economic downturn associated with cancer mortality.


Discovery Could Lead to New Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatments

Bacterial enzyme could offer new target for treatment of condition.


Diabetes Drug Class Carries Dangerous Risk, FDA Warns

Type 2 diabetes drugs could lead to complications that cause hospitalization.


Shorter Patients More Likely to Die Waiting for a Lung Transplant

Height can impact wait times for transplantation and overall mortality.


Curing Hepatitis C Could Boost Overall Economy

Study finds benefits from reduced absenteeism and improved workplace productivity.


High Response Rate Found in Experimental Lung Cancer Immunotherapy

Anti-PDL1 agent with standard chemotherapy combination will now move to multiple phase 3 studies.


Breakthrough Therapy Designation Expanded for Hepatitis C Drug Combination

Combination is now being considered for patients who received a liver transplant.


Can Chemotherapy Side Effects be Reduced During Treatment?

New approach seeks to lessen resistance to cancer drugs while mitigating adverse events.


How Can Specialty Pharmacies Take Advantage of Technology Advances?

Paul Sipes, vice president of Spud Software, discusses how specialty pharmacies can best utilize technology to their advantage.


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