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Pharmacy Times
Volume 75
Issue 6

HOT OTCTums Dual ActionMarketed by:GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (Pittsburgh, PA)

Indication:Tums Dual Action provides long-lasting relief for individuals who experience occasional heartburn. The

product also can help patients who experience breakthrough heartburn while taking other medications like proton pump inhibitors. In addition to 800 mg of calcium carbonate, Tums Dual Action contains 165 mg of magnesium hydroxide and 10 mg of famotidine. Available in berry or mint flavor, the 1-dose chewable tablet immediately neutralizes acid on contact. Available in 25- and 50-count bottles, the product retails for $8.99 and $15.49, respectively.

For More Information:www.tumsdualaction.com

MacuTrition Eye Vitamin and Mineral SupplementMarketed by:Advanced Vision Research (Worburn, MA)

Indication:MacuTrition Eye Vitamin and Mineral Supplement is indicated for age-related macular degeneration and

diabetic eye disease. The product is a peer-reviewed, science-based combination of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and antiangiogenics. MacuTrition Eye Vitamin and Mineral Supplement includes fish oil omega-3s, vitamin D, green tea extract, and tocotrienols (a form of vitamin E).

For More Information:www.macutrition.com


First Response Fertility Test for WomenMarketed by:Church&Dwight Co Inc (Princeton, NJ)

Indication:First Response Fertility Test for Women is a screening tool to evaluate ovarian reserve. The test is primarily

for women aged 25 to 44 who have been trying to get pregnant for ≥6 months or women aged 25 to 44 who are planning to become pregnant and are beginning their preparation. The test works by measuring the level of a woman's follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in her urine on day 3 of her menstrual cycle. If a woman's ovarian reserve (eggs) is low in quantity or quality, she will produce higher than normal FSH levels to try and stimulate her ovary to produce a mature egg. If the day 3 FSH level is found to be above normal, this may indicate that her ovarian reserve is low in quantity or quality and may be interfering with her ability to become pregnant. First Response Fertility Test for Women retails for $24.99.

For More Information:www.firstresponse.com


Similasan Well BeingMarketed by:Similasan Corp (Highlands Ranch, CO)

Indication:Similasan Well Being products are formulated using ingredients that are homeopathically prepared to help

the body fight the individual's symptoms. Similasan Sleeplessness Relief is a nighttime sleep aid that relieves restlessness, sleeplessness, light sleeping, and difficulty falling asleep. Similasan Stress&Tension Relief helps to relieve the symptoms of stress. Similasan Anxiety Relief helps soothe and calm individuals that may have apprehension or uneasiness about a particular event. The products are recommended for adults and children aged 2 and older.

For More Information:www.SimilasanUSA.com


EyeScience Dry Eye FormulaMarketed by:EyeScience Labs (Columbus, OH)

Indication:EyeScience Dry Eye Formula is an oral supplement that may improve dry eye symptoms for long-lasting

continuous relief. The product works from the inside out by addressing the underlying cause of dry eye syndrome, not just the symptoms. EyeScience Dry Eye Formula contains omega-3, flaxseed oil, vitamin E, and vitamin B6. The recommended daily dosage is 3 soft gel capsules.

For More Information:www.eyescience.com

877-EYE-VITA (877-393-8482)

Arnica-Based Muscle TherapyMarketed by:Hyland's Inc (Los Angeles, CA)

Indication:Hyland's Inc recently launched its Arnica-Based Muscle Therapy medication line including Arnica 30X,

Muscle Therapy Gel with Arnica, and Muscle Therapy Strips with Arnica. Each product is specially formulated with arnica, a homeopathic medicine, to help individuals recover from strains associated with their normal activities such as relief from muscle pain, soreness, bruising, and swelling due to overexertion and injuries. Arnica 30X is available in quick-dissolving tablets that dissolve under the tongue. The Muscle Therapy Gel with Arnica is a topical gel for on-the-spot application, and the Muscle Therapy Strips with Arnica dissolve instantly on the tongue.

For More Information:www.hylands.com


Licen ToolMarketed by:Lice Safe (Eastchester, NY)

Indication:Lice Safe recently introduced the latest in delousing technology. The technology behind the Licen Tool uses

the standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Web site to "kill lice and their eggs/nits you must use heat in excess of 130 degrees." The Licen Tool comes within 6 mm of the scalp and reaches temperatures in excess of 420ºF depending on the model to incinerate lice and nits on contact. There is no nitpicking or damage to the hair or to the infected person.

For More Information:www.licesafe.com

Listerine Total Care Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash

Marketed by:Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products (Morris Plains, NJ), a division of McNeil-PPC Inc

Indication:Listerine Total Care Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash provides 6 benefits in 1 mouth rinse. The product helps

prevent cavities, restores enamel, strengthens teeth, kills bad breath germs, freshens breath, and fights unsightly plaque above the gum line. Listerine Total Care Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash is recommended for individuals aged 12 and older.

For More Information:www.JJDentalProfessional.com


Digest SprinklesMarketed by:Enzymedica Inc (Port Charlotte, FL)

Indication:Microencapsulated to deliver enzymes directly to the digestive tract, Digest Sprinkles includes enzymes to maximize carbohydrate, protein, and fat digestion. The supplement also includes enzymes for simple

sugars, fibrous vegetables, and milk sugar. Digest Sprinkles is vegetarian and vegan, and uses Enzymedica Inc's exclusive Thera-blend process for the enzymes protease, lipase, amylase, and cellulase. This process blends several different strains of each enzyme to achieve greater activity over a broader pH range. This process increases potency by enabling each enzyme to break down more bonds throughout the entire digestive system and makes them more effective systemically. Available in 60-count bottles, the product retails for $19.98.

For More Information:www.enzymedica.com

Mack's Roll-Ups Wallet Earplugs

Marketed by:McKeon Products Inc (Warren, MI)

Indication:Mack's Roll-Ups Wallet Earplugs are developed with patent-pending technology, featuring rectangular flat

packaging. Each individual package includes a pair of foam strips that are easy-to-use and roll up quickly. The earplugs are designed to fit any size ear canal. The foam can be rolled to adjust to any size, and once inserted will conform to the ear canal providing ideal comfort. Each box of Mack's Roll-Ups Wallet Earplugs includes 4 pairs of earplugs, which retails for $3.99.

For More Information:www.macksearplugs.com

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